Posted by: Brad Nixon | January 14, 2016

Wednesday’s Headlines

In his blog, Piran Cafe, journalist-photographer Bob Ramsak  posts daily about his wide-ranging travel and writes with insight about the lives of people and their cultures.

His latest project is “Wednesday’s Headlines,” a weekly compilation of newspapers published on Wednesday submitted by contributors the world over.

It’s a clever idea, and well-curated. There are a lot of takeaways, the most obvious being that the “news focus” here in Los Angeles is not the same as it is in Tapei or Costa Rica or Athens.

We’re pleased to be included in this week’s edition, but, aside from that shameless plug, we think you’ll enjoy this look at a very large and diverse planet through newspapers across the globe:

Give him a “like.”


  1. Thanks for the kinds words, Brad and thanks for taking part. Really enjoyed your story. Cheers and great weekend to you.


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