Posted by: Brad Nixon | January 15, 2016

In the Kosmic Krylon Garage

The metropolitan Los Angeles area includes innumerable museums. Some have vast holdings and are known worldwide. Others are smaller, more specialized and less well-known. Few visitors to Los Angeles will find those unless they’re intent on seeing a specific exhibition or a particular genre of art, science or technology.

The Pasadena Museum of California Art is in the latter category. It’s not large, and, located as it is in Pasadena, north of Downtown L.A., it’s not within the ambit of most tourist itineraries. The Pasadena area does have culture, history, architecture, gardens, shopping and dining worth investigating, and is worth consideration as a place to see.

We’ve seen a few excellent exhibits at PMCA, including a retrospective of one of our favorite California artists, Wayne Thibeau.

The museum has its own parking facility (always a plus), and the artistic fun actually starts right in the parking garage. The walls feature whimsical murals by artist Kenny Scharf. He named the project the Kosmic Krylon Garage (Krylon is a brand name of spray paint).

If you don’t consider Wilma Flintstone flying a Jetsons-like space scooter through a field of aliens to be art, then perhaps you and I don’t share the same aesthetic.

Kosmic Krylon garage Kenny Scharf Brad Nixon 0339 (640x478)


Kosmic Krylon garage Kenny Scharf Brad Nixon 1823 (480x640)

You can see many more images from the garage at Mr. Scharf’s website, HERE.

The PCMA also has images and more information about this installation HERE.

Text and photographs © Brad Nixon 2016, 2017. Artwork mural © Kenny Scharf.



  1. Art in a garage is not so bizarre as one might think. By comparison, subways are not normally things of great beauty. However, one can find art treasures in the subways of Paris. For example, below the Musee du Louvre, at the Louvre-Rivoli Metro stop, are placed exact copies of some of the Louvre’s greatest sculptural treasures — and they’re free for the viewing! Why spend 8 euros to enter the Louvre when you can go underground free? Liberte, egalite, fraternite!


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