Posted by: Brad Nixon | April 16, 2019

Our Lady

Worlds fail. Photos, 2004. My most recent look at her. Fluctuat nec Mergitur.

Notre Dame facade Brad Nixon 20040423 680

Notre Dame Brad Nixon 20040423 680

© Brad Nixon 2019


  1. Brad,
    I did hear on TV news that most of the glass is intact, including the rose windows. And yes, words fail.

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    • Merci. I hope that’s true. All that glass is held by lead, with a low melting temperature, and although the building’s filled with art, it’s the glass that’s the glory of the place, in my opinion. With the huge draft created by the fire, they could’ve blown in, but I do hope what you’ve read is correct.


  2. I also read that the three rose windows, and other glass, survived. Also, the organ was spared.

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    • Merci


      • Also, the rooster that topped the spire has been found, and apparently is salvagable.

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      • Really? I’d never noticed it. Something I did not know. Merci.


      • I thought this reflection from VOX was especially good.

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      • Thank you. There are innumerable compelling descriptions of the old pile in Hugo’s book. It’s interesting that the article fails to mention that book’s original title IS “Notre Dame de Paris.” I’m not certain how many readers of English, at least, know that. The church IS the book’s principal presence, if not the protagonist — one would say “towering presence,” if prone to hyperbole, as I am. Had a strong effect on me when I read it, a big chunk of a lifetime ago.

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  3. When a stained glass window needs to be cleaned, each piece must be individually removed from its own lead frame and then put back in. You can’t just clean an entire window all at once.

    I know that the 13th century windows at Chartres Cathedral are so unique that experts even today do not know how to duplicate the beautiful blues in those stained glass windows. Once gone, the glass is lost forever.

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    • Yes. I’ve also read that no one has quite figured out the composition of the glass to create what those old masters knew.


  4. I just read in the New York Times of a happy fortuity: Fragile sculptures of the 12 apostles and four evangelists were removed from the cathedral spire for restoration just days before the fire broke out.

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  5. *sigh*


  6. Its so sad that she burned, I bet it takes 40 years to fully restore all the priceless artifacts inside.


    • The thought had occurred to me that reconstruction might well span the rest of my life.


  7. Pictures say it all.

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