Posted by: Brad Nixon | January 9, 2019

Signifying: Don’t Step Off That Cliff; Don’t Even THINK About It.

One of a continuing series of articles about the signs that rule our lives.

When you reach the edge where North America meets the Pacific Ocean, there are some spectacular views. Here, for example, is the the uttermost northwestern point of the continental United States at Cape Flattery, Washington.

Cape Flattery Brad Nixon 7753 (640x480)

Cape Flattery, Washington

Beyond that, there’s nothing but ocean for thousands of miles.

A little farther south, you’ll encounter scenes like this on the Oregon coast.

Oregon beach Brad Nixon 1874 (640x480)

As I’ve said many times, and as Herman Melville pointed out, we’re all water-gazers.

Is there anything so compelling, so ineffably alluring as standing at the edge of the world looking out across the vast, endless ocean?

Beach Brad Nixon 7709 (640x469)

But reality sets in, and with it, the demands of insurance companies and individuals charged with the liabilities of municipalities. They’re duty-bound to WARN us.

It’s good to live in southern California, because at least the warnings come with a hint of good humor. We’re accustomed to this water-gazing stuff, after all.

dangerous condition brad nixon 4473 680

danger sign brad nixon 9191 680

Yes, your life may be endangered, but we can still have fun. Welcome to California, dudes. Surf’s up.

© Brad Nixon 2019


  1. Those signs MAKE me think about it!

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  2. Well, I’m not sure that signs actually RULE our lives. In fact, I suspect that signs tend to be honored more in the breach than in the following. Especially those that warn us NOT to do something. After all, it’s only human nature to take up the challenge, however foolhardy that may sometimes be.

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  3. I have to stop deleting photos that I assume I’ll never have a use for. The last time I was in Arkansas, I saw a sign at a lake in a state park that said something like this: “Not every danger in this park is marked. We prefer to keep signs to a minimum in order to maintain the natural appearance of the area. You and your children are expected to exercise appropriate caution.”

    I’m not sure they ran that past their lawyers, but it made me grin, just as your California signs did.

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  4. Interesting pics with the signs, and beaches.

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