Posted by: Brad Nixon | July 20, 2018

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue … Dogs

Because the World Wide Web was invented to let people post photos of cute animals, I must periodically do my part. Otherwise I lose my blogging privileges.

In the great divide of humanity, I stand with the dog people. I prefer dogs to cats. I have no real beef with cats, so long as they stay out of the yard and leave the birds and lizards alone. But they won’t. I’m a dog guy. Woof.

Although we don’t have a dog, we couldn’t resist the temptation to go see the local Fourth of July Dog Parade at a nearby park. There was a good turnout, and all the dogs brought their people with them, presumably to carry the water and snacks, and to sign the entry forms, which — thoughtlessly, in my opinion — required opposable thumbs to fill out.

For an hour or so, dogs gathered in the fenced-off dog park area, ran around, sniffed and got acquainted — with almost no yipping or confrontations, proving that dogs are superior to people in getting along with one another. This guy tirelessly chased and retrieved balls the entire time, a paragon of fitness.

July 4 dog Brad Nixon 1400 640

Then the parade started.

The deal, of course, was that the dogs dressed in Independence Day themes.

July 4 dog Brad Nixon 1388 640

The most basic approach, favored by many of the paraders, was the red, white and blue kerchief.

July 4 dogs Brad Nixon 1385 640

Simple, classic, chic.

Despite the heat, quite a number pulled entire outfits from their closets.

July 4 dogs Brad Nixon 1407 640

De rigeur for the coolest dogs and humans, both: shades. This IS California, after all.

July 4 dogs Brad Nixon 1405 640

Where to draw the line with the outfits, though? At what point is one simply too-too?

July 4 dog Brad Nixon 1394 640

Accessorize? Flags were popular.

July 4 dog Brad Nixon 1390 640

In my opinion, this dachsund — playing the “weiner dog” gag for all it’s worth — may have crossed the above-mentioned line, pulling out his Halloween costume in midsummer.

July 4 dogs Brad Nixon 1414 640

We didn’t stick around for the judging, and don’t know who took home the prizes. My choice would be Jolie, who didn’t walk in the parade, but rode the distance in her custom buggy.

July 4 dog Brad Nixon 1402 640

Her owner swears Jolie loves to dress up. I hope that’s true. I’m not certain how much choice Jolie has.

I invite your comments. If you’re a dog owner, what’s your view of events like this? If you’re a cat lover and want to convert me, save your energy. That boat has sailed.

© Brad Nixon 2018


  1. I could make a catty remark or two about those costumes, but there’s no need to dog people who so clearly are having a good time.

    If the dogs were caterwauling, that would be one thing. But they seem to be enjoying themselves, so it probably was a good way to spend one of the dog days of summer. At least it didn’t rain cats and dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice. Punacious, not pugnacious, although we did see a pug or two.

      Liked by 1 person

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