Posted by: Brad Nixon | September 23, 2016

Watts Towers: One Additional View

I included numerous photos in my previous post about Simon Rodia’s Puebla Nuestra — Watts Towers. If you missed it, here’s a look at the 3 towers on the site, which includes 17 structures.

01 Watts Towers Brad Nixon 5372 (640x522)

Of the 200 images I shot, 4 comprised a vertical panorama of a section of the West Tower, on the left in the photo above, the tallest structure on the site at 99-1/2 feet.

As you scroll to view it, imagine Simon Rodia climbing the tower, concrete and pieces of shell or tile or bottle glass crooked in one arm, then descending again. Up and down for 34 years, he never used a ladder or scaffolding. How many thousands of trips?

Watts Towers Vertical Panorama Brad Nixon (357x640)

For details and photos about Watts Towers, including information about visiting the site, please see Simon Rodia’s Vision: Watts Towers.

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