Posted by: Brad Nixon | August 1, 2016

Signifying: Let Puns Rule

One of a series of occasional posts about signs — sign posts.

Plays on words are a perennial feature of signs. Puns catch the attention and — the designers hope — make whatever’s being advertised or promoted more memorable.

Here are two examples encountered this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

First, a drugstore:

common scents Brad Nixon

That’s good. Don’t you at least want to go in to learn if they have a discounted price on that hard-to-find scent that costs a week’s pay for a quarter of an ounce?

My favorite this week, though, was on the campus of the University of New Mexico, home of the Lobos. When we visited Albuquerque three years ago, banners on light poles around the campus featured versions of the Lobo logo as it’s evolved over the decades. The current signs have a verbal approach, rather than figurative.

UNM Brad Nixon 4737 (480x640)

Clever. Works for me. If I were a young English major again, or even a Spanish major, I’d be happy living La Vida Lobo.

Have a sign that caught your interest? I’d be glad to hear about it in a comment.

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  1. My high school English teacher told me that puns are the lowest form of humor. 😕 Since then, I made sure to use puns more often. 😆


  2. Hey – I think I’m your 100th follower. Any prize? :–)
    There is a winery in Sonoma County, CA that changes its road sign daily. I wish I remembered some of them but too many have blended together. But basically each is a pun or lame joke that puts a smile on my face every time. Check out our California wine country blog and follow us if you like what you see:

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    • I should have thought of a prize, sorry. I certainly value all the followers, and do try to keep tabs on what everyone’s writing. I just read through a few of your pieces, and learned a lot in a hurry about a part of California I’ve only visited a few times. I look forward to more, and thanks for following.

      Liked by 1 person

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