Posted by: Brad Nixon | April 15, 2016

Library Week #4: Around the World

I’m observing (and celebrating) National Library Week in a series of blog posts.

While it’s not officially Library Week in other countries than the U.S., they are, of course, something we human beings have in common, everywhere, and throughout our history. Libraries have preserved our history, germinated our ideas and held the golden chain of culture and knowledge that runs from one to another of our civilizations.

When you enter a library (even if you do it digitally), you’re responding to an innate desire that’s an essential part of being human: “What if there were a place one could go that had everything ever written, everything any man or woman ever thought or said?” It’s something we all have in common, and it binds us together and makes us greater than ourselves.

Today, I invite you to read what some other writers have said recently in their blogs about libraries. There may be ten or a hundred thousand blogs about libraries, but here are a few I’m confident you’ll find interesting.

E.A.M. Harris is a writer, insatiable reader and poet. She lives in the United Kingdom, and produces concise, well-written blog posts that, as her blog’s subtitle states, “Roam the byways of literature.” She celebrated Britain’s National Libraries Day in February with this blog post:

National Libraries Day, E.A.M. Harris.

Originally from Great Britain, now writing from Australia, Daniel, The Old Book Librarian writes about — what else? — old books. Recently he toured the State Library of Victoria, and provides an overview of a large “official” library:

Mirror of the World – the Grand Tour, Theoldbooklibrarian

Dewey Hop devotes a good portion of his posts to providing a behind-the-scenes look at the Fulton County (Indiana) Public Library, often targeted at helping young readers understand how libraries work, and what’s available there. He recently wrote about a theme I covered not long ago, Little Free Libraries:

Little Free Library and Community Outreach, Dewey Hop

Little Free Libraries are widespread. For proof, let’s go to Slovenia, the current base for prolific globe-trotting photojournalist Bob Ramask and his Piran Cafe blog. In his article about a Little Free Library in Ljubjuana, don’t miss the link to Bob’s earlier piece about a remarkable bookstore in Buenos Aires:

Free Books! – Bob Ramask, Piran Cafe

Now back to England, Oxford, to be exact, where Matthew works as a librarian assistant at Oxford Brookes University. I’ll send you to the main page of his blog, from which you can browse a wide variety of library-related topics, focusing on — as the subtitle of his blog says — “Thoughts about libraries and how they connect with the community:”

Libraries Connect Communities

Where does one find the public library in an Italian town? In a converted monastery, of course. Or, at least, that’s true if you live in Pesaro on the Adriatic coast in the Marche region, as does Lidia Zaira, who writes with precision, lots of good information and excellent photography about an insider’s view of “real life” in Italy. Here’s Simona’s description of her local library, with an emphasis on the children’s section:

San Giovanni Public Library in Pesaro – Simona Lidia Zaira, Where Lemons Blossom

At Words We Women Write, Toni and Patty cover a lot of subjects with verve and style. I’ll let them close out today’s reflections on libraries around the world with a clever collection of quotations, photos and graphics about libraries. They also devised a title just short enough to fit in a Twitter entry:

Well, Gene Juen Yang. Thank you for luring me in like a moth to a flame. Yes, let’s do celebrate National Library Week – Words We Women Write

Do you have a favorite blog about libraries? Leave a comment with a link, and we’ll all go visit another library … somewhere.

© Brad Nixon 2016


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for all the interesting links.

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  2. Yes, great links — thank you. Cheers to the featured bloggers and the libraries, librarians and library supporters around the world.


  3. Thanks so much, Brad, really appreciate the mention. Thanks more these excellent links — looking forward to checking them out.

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  4. Thank you. Happy library week!


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    Checkout the blog Under Western Skies.


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