Posted by: Brad Nixon | March 13, 2016

Montefabbri: come and experience the ‘real’ Italy in this hilltop village

As a new feature, I’ll occasionally post the work of bloggers I admire. They are writers from around the world, and they cover a wide variety of subjects. Some are professional writers or photographers, some not. In every instance, they provide words and pictures, not merely one or the other.

I’m delighted to begin with Where Lemons Blossom, by Simona Lidia Zaira of Pesaro, Italy. Simona’s blog is dedicated to giving us a look at the “real” Italy, from the perspective of a well-traveled, observant native and student of her homeland. She writes (in excellent English) about aspects of daily life in towns and villages the typical traveler rarely has the opportunity to explore. I encourage you to explore more pieces on her blog. Please give her a “like” if you enjoy what you find.

When I say ‘Italy’, what is it exactly that you think of? That is the question I asked a few friends of mine living abroad. Their answers: Prada, Michelangelo, mafia (sigh), Tuscany (forget it, now Marche is the new Tuscany 😉 ), wine, ‘la dolce vita’, Ferrari (sorry, Francine, I didn’t ask you – I’m sure I would have gotten quite different answers 😉 )

Well, being Italian, the things that sound/look Italian to me when I try to capture ‘moments of Italianity/Italyness’ are the following: a key into a keyhole outside a house door, a brick entrance gate to an ancient village, a Madonna with child on a wall, streets (possibly narrow) of cobblestone, a pastel pink countryhouse with dark green shutters, a panoramic view on gentle hills with the sea at the far end of a breathtaking sight, cats, laudry hung out to dry…

If all this sounds…

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