Posted by: Brad Nixon | January 2, 2016

And One Man in His Time Plays Many Parts

Welcome to 2016. Glad to have you here with us.

How to start?


Although it’s unseemly to “celebrate” death, this year marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. Let us, then (we few, we happy  few) observe, say, rather than celebrate.

For us, he stands unchallenged as the master of our language, whether we read his work or see it on the stage or screen. We’ll still cover our usual variety of travel, writing, architecture and photography, but with a mix of Shakespearean bits as the year progresses.

We’ll start with a boost from BBC, who have a quiz for us this morning:

Shakespeare’s New Year Quiz

How did you score?

Pull out those dusty tomes or tattered paperbacks, and prepare to honor the Bard with us. Favorite lines? Favorite moments you’ve seen from stage or film productions? Been to Stratford? Best use of a Shakespeare reference in other literature, advertising or popular culture? We’d love to hear from you.

Let our revels begin.

© Brad Nixon 2016, 2017



  1. Guessing slider or heater, 3 for 7, 428%, great in any league.


  2. Fav play: Macbeth. Fav line: Out damed spot!

    Haven’t read the Bard in 40 years; but for some reason, these have stayed with me. Maybe it was the great and strange imagery — the 3 witches, Lady M sleepwalking, the battle scene.

    Maybe, too, there’s the Emily Dickinson connection. I like this poet’s work, short lines and beautiful rhythm, and she wrote ‘Out, Out’ based on Lady M.


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