Posted by: Brad Nixon | December 24, 2015

Light Up

Perhaps you’re one of them: the lighting people: house, landscaping and all you survey awash in colored, moving, twinkling holiday lights. Dioramas of Santa and his sleigh and reindeer on your roof, while busy elves assemble toys out on the lawn under a cascade of falling artificial snow. People drive for miles to see the spectacle, rolling down their windows to listen to the custom holiday music sound track emanating from a cleverly-disguised 1000-watt audio system (or perhaps you’re broadcasting to a specific frequency they can tune into on their car radios).

The people across the street make a pretty good showing:


We’re more modest here at Rancho Retro. For us, a few lights on the entry walk and in the tree.


We don’t have them as display for anyone else; they’re for us. We celebrate the season and the passing of the year with a mix of satisfaction and disappointment, as in all years. No year is perfect. We look forward to the new year and wish health, travel, companionship and good will to all.

A happy holiday to you. The lights are few, but they shine brightly. So let yours shine, too. Let there be peace.

blaknissan and The Counselor



  1. Merry x-mas and a good 2016


    • Dank ye, Niels. Vrolijk Kersfeest!


  2. I agree. Not many lights here, but they do shine brightly also. Merry Christmas!


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