Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 4, 2015


Marcy Vincent 901 lonely road (640x480)

Today is the sixth anniversary of Under Western Skies. I’ve written about travel to four continents, commented on the passing scene and met scores of people, including some who are no longer living (many dearly missed) and others who are purely imaginary. We’ve read Proust, Beowulf, Pynchon and innumerable other works. There’s been listening to and performing some wonderful music; seen art, architecture, museums and countless natural wonders.

I appreciate having you with me, seeking a mindful way of appreciating our lives through what we can do, see and learn, as often in the most ordinary circumstances as well as in faraway places. Thanks to those of you who’ve clicked, subscribed, followed me through your own blogs or given me a “like.” Having you here — whether you’ve been stalwart readers of nearly 400 blog posts or are just joining us — has been the best part. Many of you in America, Peru, Australia, Britain, Germany and elsewhere I know and hope to see again. I hope to meet the rest of you as I ramble. I’m richer for having you along. Gracias, merci, danke, grazie, ta.

Acknowledgment is due to The Counselor, M. Vincent, travel partner and tireless editor of hundreds of these articles, also a contributor of photographs. Thank you. Also thanks to The Boss, lifelong travel partner and photographic contributor. Thanks, Dad.

The one thing I can’t write about today with any certainty is the future. What will we read? Where will we go? What will we see there and who will we meet?

Let’s go find out.

Oobop shebam.

© Brad Nixon 2015, 2017. Photograph © Marcy Vincent 2017, used by kind permission.


  1. No worries, mate! And it was great to be some of the places you’ve written about too!


    • And the great music … you were part of some of the best music, ever. We’ve yet to visit Australia, but keep an eye out for us. Keep rocking.


  2. 6 good year’s worth, keep em coming.


  3. Congrats on six years of Under Western Skies! Looking forward to many, many more adventures with you.


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