Posted by: Brad Nixon | June 5, 2014

Beach Reading Part 2: My List

Ah, summer. Those long, languorous days on the beach being baked by the sun, bitten by bugs, pestered by peddlers, conked on the noggin by frisbees and having my lunch picked at by gulls. Precisely the place I want to drag a cooler and my umbrella and beach chair and generic music device with oversized overexpensive headphones, sunscreen and extra clothes in case fog rolls in and about fifty books and enjoy the simple life. Wait! Did I lock the car? I’ve gotta go back and check. Watch my stuff!

Subsequent to the previous post, I knew you’d want to see MY beach reading list. Even if I stay right here at my desk,  I’ll be within three miles of the beach, so that’s good enough for me. I hate sand in between the pages. I’ve done my best to hew to a true “beach” theme that will include not only reading but activity, so that I can keep the ol’ psychomotor skills sharp until I can get back to the keyboard. This is exactly what I want: lighthearted, even frivolous reading. Books that take me back to my childhood of wonder and joy.

Alphabetically, by title with links to order each online, so you can follow along with me, if you wish:

The Berenstain Bears’ Seashore Treasure, Jan and Stan Berenstain

The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore, Laura Lee Hope

A Day at the Seashore, (Little Golden Books), Kathryn Jackson

Gaspard at the Seashore, (Gaspard and Lisa Books), Georg Hallensleben,

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach

Little Seashore Stained Glass Coloring Book, John Green

The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann

Max at the Seashore – With Twinkly Glitter on Every Page!, (Twinkle Tots), Kate and Liz Pope

Scooby-Doo! And the Seashore Slimer, James Gelsey and Duendes Del Sur

Seashore Life Coloring Book, Anthony D’Attilio

Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore, Marsha Hall Brown

What’s on your list? Note: your list should NOT be the same as your “Desert Island” reading list. We assume you’re coming back! Besides, you really don’t want to lug that Collected Works of Shakespeare down to the beach. Let us know by posting a comment!



  1. I’m currently reading “Healer” by Carol Cassella. She also wrote “Oxygen” I love fiction by authors with medical backgrounds. She majored in English Literature at Duke, graduated from Baylor College of Medicine, and currently practices anesthesia in Seattle. She was a freelance medical writer. I love her writing style.


    • Donna, thanks for the reading tip. Enjoy!


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