Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 18, 2013

Four Years of Blogging

Hi, everyone.

It’s been a long, long silence, I know. As my work pattern shifted, I lost the discipline of posting blog entries a couple of times a week. This has been my longest inactive period since I started the blog. This is a good day to issue a mea culpa to you faithful readers and to rededicate myself to having something to say and posting it here. Why is today a good day? Because this is the 4th anniversary of launching Under Western Skies.

As I’ve said on similar occasions, the writing is fun, but having readers is better, and I’m grateful to all of you for reading, whether you’ve been with me from Day 1, or just joining me now on Day 1,461. The blog has received nearly 40,000 hits in this time, and hundreds of comments, which are always welcome.

It’s also a week for celebrating other anniversaries. The first one will be tomorrow, and another one a day or two later. Stay tuned as, first, we look back to the dawn of my time under western skies, then we’ll revisit one of the original motivations for starting this blog on the occasion of a major anniversary.

Meanwhile, keep looking around. You never know what you’ll see under western skies.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations! Jump back in the saddle and keep going. This reader looks forward to it.


  2. Welcome back. It will be good to read your words.


  3. No worries, Brad!


  4. Congrats! Looking forward to more blogs!


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