Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 23, 2012

Leftover Turkey: Here’s Your Chili

Our readers in the United States have just observed one of our better holidays, Thanksgiving. I say “better” because, for one thing, it’s nondenominational, so it’s not the province of any specific religion; we all take the day to count our blessings, and give thanks for them. It’s not too highly commercialized — although food vendors do what they must — and is focused more on personal interaction, family and friends gathering, rather than buying (the buying starts the day after). And, it’s apolitical.

The traditional main course is turkey. Millions of turkeys met their ultimate fate this week. And, since turkeys are large animals, there’s often a lot of leftover turkey.

If you’re one of those individuals faced with the challenge of using that turkey, I direct you to a blog post from two years ago, Lurking Turkey Chili. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Bon appetit.

© 2012 Brad Nixon

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