Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 5, 2012

Dog Tale

I went out to gas up The Counselor’s urban assault vehicle this morning; it’s a quick trip of a few blocks, and saves her the time of having to do it during her commute. On the way, I pass by the local elementary school. At the intersection near the school were two dogs sitting at the edge of their fence: looking left, looking right, looking perplexed. They were wondering, “Where are all the kids? We usually have plenty of little kids to bark at and harrass!”

Silly dogs. They’d forgotten to reset their body clocks off Daylight Savings Time, and so they were an hour early!

After a couple of days, they’ll figure it out. Probably having the time at which food arrives in the bowls will also help the process.

The wild animals don’t have that problem. They keep time by the sun, and are free of the twice-yearly readjustment.

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  1. Happy autum Brad,
    The funniest thing happened recently. I went out to walk the dog and pick up the NYT @6am and found a package on my porch, to you, C/O me from Brumfield. Yep, it seems he’s coasting the Carib and thought an autographed copy of his book might bring you back to reality before you check in…or was it he checks out. I’m sure he’ll reach civilization soon and give you a call. He’s delivering a Columbia 50 to a buyer. He mentioned that he doesn’t even have to touch a sheet or a Barient. I think he signed on someone named Jackie he met diving off Grand Bahama. An English woman of some breeding I believe.
    Ah well, email me the address you want his book sent to and get ready for some pretty comical columns. All my best wishes, Jim Black
    P.S. I threw in the autum reference in case you recalled the colors from when you lived here. It’s not like all those smoggy California shades of gray.


    • James, thanks for letting us all know Brumfield’s whereabouts. I was worried about the guy. Well, the boating part of his interests are not something he can share with me, so I’m not surprised he’s down south. A Columbia 50? Beats a houseboat on the Ohio. If he’s linked up with Jackie, who knows if I’ll see him again. Emailing, indeed.


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