Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 10, 2010

A South Bay Pynchon Update

A few months ago I posted a brief article about a former residence of American novelist, Thomas Pynchon, in Manhattan Beach. As the Web is wont to do, that item attracted attention from a variety of Pynchon fans, including a former college classmate whose academic career careened onward to lead him to become co-editor of “Pynchon Notes,” a scholarly publication. It was wonderful to reconnect with him after, um, an unspecified number of decades.

That article eventually connected me to “The Thomas Trail,” a blog by Pynchonalia detective Nadar, who’s posting a series of articles exploring in even greater detail some of the locations associated with Mr. Pynchon’s life and locations in his fiction. If you’re interested in the intersection of fiction, biography and reality, it’s well worth a look: In the greatest of all Pynchonian correspondences, my long-ago university colleague had been advising Nadar on the details of his research. Wheels within wheels!

Update, December, 2012: The Thomas Trail now contains no content.

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