Posted by: Brad Nixon | August 21, 2010

Two New Blog Links

In the way of weekend housekeeping, I’m pleased to intoduce two additions to the “Blogroll” in the right-hand navigation column. (I’m sorry I can’t change the name of that “widget” to something more illustrative; it means links to familiar blogs.) Those of you who receive these blogs in your e-mail may not be able to see these additional widgets that are on the Web page. Both of these blogs are the work of writers with whom I’ve worked for many years:

Writing That Inspires is the work of longtime writing pro, Lori Cronwell, who dips into her knowledge about the business of writing to provide guidance about the business of writing. And, no, “inspires” doesn’t denote that Lori’s addressing spiritual matters; she’s offering what she knows about writing to help achieve the goal of every writer: to inspire their readers in the broader sense.

My longtime colleague, Janet Herin, now freelancing, gives us her take on the world at The Musings of Tron. There’s just no telling what media relations pro, big-time music aficionado (aficionada?) and bon vivant Janet will write about.  Her current piece describes how you fly first class to Europe even when you’re unemployed. That’s interesting!

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