Posted by: Brad Nixon | July 26, 2010

El Rey de Camino Real

If you’re a regular reader, you wonder where I’ve been for a few days. Away. Far away, at least in terms of how our electronic culture defines being “present.” For most of three days, at least, we were beyond the reach of telephones, internet access and, for part of the time, paved roads. Now, it’s time to recount a few of the adventures and discoveries. I’ll start briefly, and at the end of the trip, with a stay at the vintage El Rey Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

El Rey

El Rey, Santa Fe

Built in the 1930s, this classic motor court adopted, naturally, the style of local southwestern adobe architecture. The title refers to its location on Cerillos Road, El Camino Real.

Unlike the hundreds or thousands of other roadside havens, El Rey is still thriving and even expanding. You can’t do much better than the El Rey in this town, although you can, of course, spend a great deal more. You even get breakfast, if you can reconcile yourself to not having some ginormous southwestern feast of huevos rancheros or blue corn enchiladas with all the trimmings at any of Santa Fe’s hundred places to dine. Fortunately, we had eaten those meals several times already in the previous three days, so tortilla, fruit and coffee was enough. The coffee’s good at El Rey.

HERE is a link to a Flickr set of 5 photos of El Rey, which I’ve grouped with my ongoing “PCH Travel Palaces” photo essays. I’ll restore the navigation link in the right-hand column to that set as soon as I can.

And, yes, that is an atypical steady, drenching rain dampening the July New Mexico scene. But that’s a tale for later this week.

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  1. Nicest set of harmonicas I’ve ever feasted my eyes on! I play too.


  2. nice shoes


    • Thanks. I’ve played with guys who can wear shoes like that all the time, but I can only carry it off onstage!


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