Posted by: Brad Nixon | July 5, 2010

Trashy Decisions

Nothing is simple. The City has declared that there shalt be a new provider of trash services. Given the history of trash services and its association with certain strong-arm organizations, I don’t want to know how this agreement was reached. If you know, please do not reply. But, we have a new company that, in keeping with a theme that has continued strong from the last century, has a names that means nothing — EDCO — replacing a company whose name at least signified what they do: Waste Management.

Anyway, back to the decision part. With our old company, we used any ol’ kind of trash bins we wanted to buy at Home Depot or Costco or Target or wherever. The drivers at WM (as they’re known) were apparently mighty men of old who slung cans around. The EDCO people must be more effete, because their trucks require specially-designed bins that they lift and dump. CHOOSING the SIZE of bin was important, because the cost of one’s trash service is now based on the size of the trash bin. In addition, there are various sizes of blue recycling bins and green green-waste bins to choose from. You can get any size of those you want, with no extra charge. No problemo, thought I. We always have more recycling than trash, anyway, so I’ll get the smallest trash bin and two of the LARGEST recycling bins.

New trash bins

New trash bins

It’s the same sort of thinking that applies at the local smorgasbord on Crab Leg Night. Well, there, you end up with an ugly-looking plate full of crab legs, and now I have a back passageway crammed with giant bins. I wonder if they’ll take some of them back?


  1. Very nice. Directions on the lid too.


  2. It is always difficult to throw away old trash cans, much less recycle them.


    • Yes, if anyone needs any used trash cans, the City will have tens of thousands of them. They ARE picking up our old ones, and I’m going to have to call around to find out where they go!


  3. bard! what a great “masthead” photo! is that from your yard?


    • Yes, it looks great now that Marcy made that opening in the trees for the view of the mountains, don’t you agree?


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