Posted by: Brad Nixon | April 30, 2010

That Was the Week That Wasn’t

Where was I? For the first time since the blog launched, I missed an entire week.

For those of you who responded, “Who cares?” or, perhaps, ‘We could use a break,” you’re welcome.

I was traveling. I was in a different time zone. The wonderful thing about time zones used to be that when you could no longer interact directly with people on your customary schedule, you waited until you got back. I had an extreme example of that 20 years ago, spending 12 days on a production in Hong Kong, in a day before the Web existed, no one carried cell phones, and even e-mail was problematic. No more.

Now, as the possessor of multiple e-mail accounts, a Blackberry and wireless Internet access everywhere, I can run, but I can’t hide. Because the days were busy in an interesting way (and I’ll have some things to report about the activities), that meant using the late evenings and early mornings to catch up on those e-mails, voice mails and whatever else I didn’t get done in the daytime. Because those interesting but consuming things are what I’m paid to do, I had to let blogging go by the wayside.

So, back on track next week. I leave you with a photo that will suggest where I was, and some of what I’ll cover as I catch up on the Week That Wasn’t.

Hubble Space Telescope Model, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hubble Space Telescope Model, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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