Posted by: Brad Nixon | April 23, 2010

High Anxiety

I had one of those dreams last night. In the traditional version, you’re going to class. It’s the final exam. You have no memory of ever having attended this class, read the lessons, or studied for the test. You’ve completely overlooked this class on your schedule, and you’re going to FAIL. The classic anxiety dream.

Well, right now, we’re getting ready to produce three major events, for which I’m supervising the production of 14 video programs, which will have as many as 4 crews working simultaneously on two continents. There are a million other details, too tedious to mention. It’s One Month ’til event #1. Also, I have to get ready to do some traveling, and before that, there’s the annual guitar recital this Sunday. No cause for anxiety, certainly.

I was in a play. I had no memory of having rehearsed this play or even heard of it before. It was in this odd-feeling space that made no sense (like in a lot of dreams). Outside and inside were not clearly defined. There were other people coming and going. It was dress rehearsal. I neither knew my lines, or my part, nor did I have a costume. I was supposed to play a businessman. I had some sense that the location was something like the old hometown, though it was very different. I decided I had to get a costume, and I set off running across town to where there was a store (although that direction in the old town would’ve taken me to the old site of the Production Plating Works). I had to cross a railroad track, and of course there was a train coming (there’s a track in the old town, but this was very different, raised up on a berm about the height of a loading dock). I had trouble climbing over that, then kept running, and came to something that was a cross between a Border’s Book Store and a Goodwill store. There was a big pile of shirts, and I started looking through it, then realized I’d be better off to find a display of new, packaged shirts that might be sorted by size. Time was running short.

I woke up. Whew. It was a dream. Nothing is late, nothing is rushed, everything’s under control. I know my lines. I understand which play I’m in. I’m playing a businessman … for REAL!


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