Posted by: Brad Nixon | April 1, 2010

In the Tracks of Dinosaurs

It’s with a certain amount of regret that I announce the ending of this blog. I’ve had a wonderful time exploring how far afield I could range with my interests and have greatly appreciated having you go there with me. Thanks for your comments and your encouragement.

But a higher duty, a greater opportunity, a destiny calls me to other endeavors.

At first, of course, I thought it was a prank. The heavy, cream-colored stationery embossed with the certainly-spurious address of something called “The New Mongolian Corps of Discovery” couldn’t be a bona fide enterprise. The contents were even more suspicious. A letter, some “official-looking” documents including a visa with a Mongol horseman for “The Semi-Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia,” and a letter from someone named Philby Snarmes, Chairman of the “New Mongolian Corps of Discovery.”

I won’t quote here from the letter. In fact, I cannot, because the contents are privileged information which, if they became known in Gottingen or Geneva or London, might provide insight into the competing interests who would, if they could, steal a march upon the ambitious and world-changing aims of the Expedition.

It was real enough, alright: almost too real. It took many phone calls, e-mails and, ultimately, a visit by Dr. Smarmes himself, along with key members of the Corps of Discovery to convince me that they were in dead earnest.

So, I am in a rush. I have only a few hours left to gather up the rest of my gear. I need a left-handed axe, a length of shoreline, and some riding breeches with puttees. I’m supposed to be out in front of my house at 4PM, when a 1922 Kaiser touring automobile will drive by and pick me up. Wow, what an adventure.

I’ll try to write from Ulaan Baator.


  1. But, what about that money you still owe me.


  2. And what about that cool harp lick you promised to teach me and the copy of proust waiting for me on that dusty book shelve.


  3. Chasing the ghost of RCA; sounds like a great adventure. Did the 1922 Kaiser show up, or was it stuck on the 10 due to that unusual snowfall?


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