Posted by: Brad Nixon | February 3, 2010

The Beaver Bags the Blog

An unusual jam of traffic on El Segundo Blvd. this morning, and we were just creeping toward the light at Aviation. It promised to be a beautiful day, and I was already making a mental note not to say anything about it on phone calls to the East Coast colleagues, who had half a foot of new snow. I was in one of those traffic-hypnosis dazes, seeing nothing but the frame around the license plate of the car in front of me. I couldn’t read it, and I kept inching closer, trying to make it out. I heard a little “beep beep” of a horn and looked around. Ward Cleaver, freshly pressed suit (always leaves the jacket on to drive), shiny Plymouth Fury. I rolled down the window.

“Hey, Ward, what’s the latest?”

“Just glad to have this great weather. I have no idea what June would do if we lived somewhere with all that snow they have back East. She’d never get any of her work done if the boys had to stay home for a snow day!”

“Heck, Beaver could work on his blog. I understand he’s been blogging about his baseball card collection.”

“No, Theodore’s off the blog. It’s all tweeting now. He still writes about collecting, but in shorter bursts.”

Traffic in Ward’s lane moved. He waved and pulled ahead.

To my right, I spotted Steve Douglas in his Chevy, already looking rumpled and glancing at his watch over the traffic delay. I beeped my horn.

“Steve, hi. Say, that blog Chip was doing; he still at it? I keep meaning to check it out.”

“Oh, no, the Chipster seems to spend most of his time on Facebook. He says it’s a lot more immediate way to stay in touch with more kids. I do think Bub’s taken it up, though: blogging about his experiences in the war and all.” That’s all we had time for, since his traffic finally eased up and he zoomed off towards work.

Sheesh, I’d been reading about this. Here I am, apparently like a lot of the boomer generation, just taking up blogging, and the younger generation is dropping out in droves. An AP story (HERE) says under-30s have reduced their blogging significantly. And that leaves me and Uncle Bub!

I caught a quick glimpse of Ozzie Nelson a couple of lanes over, top down for the warm morning, golf clubs sticking out of the back seat of the big Chrysler. I’ll bet David and Rick are still blogging. They’re mature kids. I’m going to google them.

(you can catch up on previous encounters with Steve, Ward and Ozzie by selecting the category of that name over in the right-hand column)

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  1. I use twitter, Facebook , linkedin and a bunch of other social apps. But nothing beats Blogging. Blogging is fun! Ok I’m over 30 but I say the AP bulletin is a little on the negative side. Blogging is still hip. If you ask me.


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