Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 6, 2009

A Farewell So Soon

First a note on the continuing emergence of EVERYTHING as a source of information. The new ground fault-interrupt (GFI) plugs in our kitchen have little LED lights that glow green. I assume this is to inform you that the circuit is GO (or “good” as we ordinary humans say), but, heck, perhaps it’s just to let you know where the plug is in the dark. We won’t know for certain until one of us dumps the waffle iron into the sinkful of water and see if the LED glows RED (for ARGGH!).

It’s a somber day. Mimi Plowman died yesterday, taking with her the distinctive laugh and the particular verve that were hers alone. Although I knew her through our work together on events and video, that’s not what we’ll remember her for. Her love and care for animals was truly extraordinary, and nothing demonstrated that more than the reaction she (and Bruce) had when they returned to New Orleans after Katrina. Orphaned and lost dogs and cats kept showing up, and Mimi and Bruce did all they could to take care of them or find them homes. More of the dispossessed who’ve been overlooked in the aftermath.

In this season when the appeals for end-of-year donations start to pour in from every conceivable kind of charitable cause, don’t forget your local SPCA or Humane Society or PETA. That’s what Mimi would suggest, ┬áif she were here now. And she’d laugh that laugh.

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