Posted by: Brad Nixon | November 4, 2009

The blog is born

This had to be the day. There I was at the light where El Segundo Blvd. crosses Aviation with the usual cast of aerospace commuters. To my right, Steve Douglas in his ’61 Biscayne, to my left, Ward Cleaver in his ’61 Fury, and in my mirror I could see Ozzie Nelson in that big Chrysler with the golf bag sticking out of the back seat (DOES the man ever go to work?).

Steve waved, and said, “Hey, Brad, be sure to check out Chip’s blog today — he’s got a great story about what he and Bub did last night.”

Ward waved at me from the other side and said, “Hey, Brad, check out the Beav’s blog today — those boys really get into some scrapes!”

That did it. I’m the last member of my generation not to have a blog. Until now. I certainly didn’t need to hear that HARRIET has one, too, so I gave it the gas when the light turned and got to work!

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